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4.) Handbrake

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Handbrake cable, Amazon/544 Az ch 15239- / 544 58-66  (NB! 2 per car) 682921
Handbrake cable, Amazon/544 Az ch 15239- / 544 58-66 (NB! 2 per car)
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Clamp (U-bolt), h/brake cable 80969
Clamp (U-bolt), h/brake cable
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Lock nut 950373
Lock nut
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Clamp handbrake cable LH (stainless) 658843
Clamp handbrake cable LH (stainless)
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Clamp handbrake cable RH (stainless) 658844
Clamp handbrake cable RH (stainless)
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Rubber holder, handbrake cable 661428
Rubber holder, handbrake cable
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Plastic eyelet, handbrake lever 660651
Plastic eyelet, handbrake lever
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Screw, handbrake eyelet 191030
Screw, handbrake eyelet
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Handbrake shaft seal, Amazon 653608
Handbrake shaft seal, Amazon
In stock
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Brace for handbrake 544/210/Amazon/1800 666418
Brace for handbrake 544/210/Amazon/1800
In stock
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Nut 955826
In stock
$2.33  pcs Buy
Washer 955894
In stock
$2.60  pcs Buy
Spacer sleeve, h/brake 667889
Spacer sleeve, h/brake
In stock
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Pullrod handbrake, Az/140 666419
Pullrod handbrake, Az/140
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Return spring h/brake, Az/P1800 653625
Return spring h/brake, Az/P1800
In stock
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Handbrake lever gaiter, black (1965-1975) (Amazon/140/164) 670876
Handbrake lever gaiter, black (1965-1975) (Amazon/140/164)
In stock
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