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Exhaust system for Volvo Amazon B16

Here are all our products and spare parts for Volvo Amazon B16 exhaust system. Please click on the exploded view below to enlarge the picture!

Volvo Amazon B16 exhaust system

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Exhaust system, Amazon B16 CV3K
Exhaust system, Amazon B16
In stock
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Stud, exhaust m'fold/downpipe B16A/B18/B20 953259
Stud, exhaust m'fold/downpipe B16A/B18/B20
In stock
$2.52 More info
Nut, exhaust downpipe/manifold (stainless) 190852
Nut, exhaust downpipe/manifold (stainless)
In stock
$2.15 More info
Exhs m'fold gask single d'pipe (Genuine) 1378904
Exhs m'fold gask single d'pipe (Genuine)
In stock
$8.03 More info
Rubber cushion (black) 666208
Rubber cushion (black)
In stock
$4.48 More info

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